Apple & Cheese Waffles

Delicious Apple & Cheese Waffles I would serve these for BLW babies 7-8m+ providing they don't have any egg & dairy allergies. These make a really delicious breakfast or snacks for toddlers and adults too and they are 100% sugar free! I have wanted a waffle machine for over a year now, but we just … Continue reading Apple & Cheese Waffles

Halloween Spooky Pancake Lollipops / Halloween Lunchbox

Trick or treat! Halloween is almost here...I bet you have been busy pinteresting for ideas this whole month! I have and have seen so many amazing spooky and creepy dishes that I want to make but haven't managed... because my two busy toddlers don't let me stand in the kitchen and if I let both … Continue reading Halloween Spooky Pancake Lollipops / Halloween Lunchbox

Traditional Cornish Pasty 

This dish is loved by every Brits or expats living in the UK and it's my personal favourite! 😋 ❤ It's not something I would make every day but certainly as a good treat for the whole family! 🙂 Toddler J loved it and Lilbro just ate the pastry. lol  You can tell that the … Continue reading Traditional Cornish Pasty 

Healthy Carrot Lemon (Cup)Cake for Toddler [12m+] & Family

This week's theme at #HealthyKidsCommunity is "Summmer Treats"! Summer is officially over here in Germany but I have made a really yummy and healthy Carrot Lemon (Cup)Cake and can be devoured in both hot summer days with an ice cold drink or wet autumn indoor coffee time. It's so moist and loaded with carrots and … Continue reading Healthy Carrot Lemon (Cup)Cake for Toddler [12m+] & Family

Salmon Quinoa Fish Burger Baby [7m+], Toddler & Family

Yummy, yummy, yummy I’ve got love in my tummy! This is a huge hit in the house! Even my fussy toddler said “mama, this is nice!” Haha! These salmon quinoa fish burgers are La Bomba, they are not only #wheatfree but #glutenfree and #eggfree as well! They are packed with vitamins, magnesium, potassium just to … Continue reading Salmon Quinoa Fish Burger Baby [7m+], Toddler & Family