15 Healthy Family Dinners 

15 Healthy Family Dinners. Are you bored of cooking the same things week after week?  I know that feeling and I always look for inspiration from talented food bloggers.  The ladies over at Kiddieliciouskitchen  have put together 15 healthy family dinner recipes from all my favourite kid food bloggers and she has included one of … Continue reading 15 Healthy Family Dinners 


Spinach & Feta Squares BLW [8m+] Toddler & Family

Spinach & Feta Squares These are suitable for BLW babies from 8 months onwards providing they don't have any allergies to egg and dairy.  I was making these with my 4 years old toddler and we had so much fun!  He was chopping the spinach AND the onion along my side and added every ingredients … Continue reading Spinach & Feta Squares BLW [8m+] Toddler & Family

Simple Broccoli & Zucchini Quiche [7-8m+] Toddler & Family

This Broccoli & Zucchini Quiche is ok tongive to BLW 7-8m+ if no egg & dairy allergies. Both toddlers loved it! Lilbro finished everything on this plate and had a refill (same amount) finished them too minus the pastry 2nd round. 😄 Quiche is a great dish for BLW babies. They are soft and you … Continue reading Simple Broccoli & Zucchini Quiche [7-8m+] Toddler & Family

Chicken Schnitzel for Baby [7m+], Toddler & Family

This week's cooking challenge at #HealthyKidsCommunity is "Batch Cooking", and I have made Chicken Schnitzel, is a favourite in the house. 😋 I usually prepare loads and once covered with bread crumbs / panko I'd lay them flat in a freezer bag (do not over lap). This way is really easy to take as many … Continue reading Chicken Schnitzel for Baby [7m+], Toddler & Family