Spinach & Feta Squares BLW [8m+] Toddler & Family

Spinach & Feta Squares These are suitable for BLW babies from 8 months onwards providing they don't have any allergies to egg and dairy.  I was making these with my 4 years old toddler and we had so much fun!  He was chopping the spinach AND the onion along my side and added every ingredients … Continue reading Spinach & Feta Squares BLW [8m+] Toddler & Family


Pumpkin Falafel

October means it's Halloween season! I love seeing so many creative and spooky creations from all the talented food bloggers! My boys are old enough to enjoy it this year. My little one is obsessed with spiders! haha As pumpkins are in season and I see them everywhere, it's so difficult not to make something … Continue reading Pumpkin Falafel

Week 5 – Refined Sugar Alternative at #HealthyKidsCommunity on IG

We all love a sweet treat! Unfortunately refined sugar is processed, full of empty calories and lacking in nutrients. How can we help our families cut down on refined sugar but still indulge our sweet tooth? #Healthykidscommunity takes on this challenge with our 5th theme: #refinedsugaralternatives This week the #hkcmamas will focus on making delicious … Continue reading Week 5 – Refined Sugar Alternative at #HealthyKidsCommunity on IG