Halloween Spooky Pancake Lollipops / Halloween Lunchbox

Trick or treat! Halloween is almost here…I bet you have been busy pinteresting for ideas this whole month! I have and have seen so many amazing spooky and creepy dishes that I want to make but haven’t managed… because my two busy toddlers don’t let me stand in the kitchen and if I let both of them in then we can pretty much forget about baking! haha
Making pancakes is probably the least stressful thing to do with a 4 years old until mama wanted to decorate them then things got wild! lol.

So, if you are going to a Halloween party and want to bring a simple treat, check this one out! 😉 The kids will go crazy when they see them! 😄 I bet they will love these in their lunchboxes too! My ones did! 🙂

I served them in our new favourite stainless steel Planetbox (lunchbox). There is so much room to fill up with food! I usually have to use two different little lunchboxes and I much prefer stainless steel over plastic. They are easy to wash and eco-friendly. Comes with two sizes of no-spill containers, I’m thinking one for dip and one for yoghurt. I will post a full product review soon, in the meantime check them out http://www.planetbox.com 

Halloween Spooky Pancake Lollipops

Make your choice of pancakes and keep them small. The trick to hold the skewers is to make the pancakes thick. 

What you need

  • skewers or cocktail sticks
  • sugar eye balls
  • different colours of gel icing tubes


  1. Make your pancakes as per usual. I find adding either pumpkin or other thickish ingredients or ricotta cheese helps. 
  2. Let them cool down slightly, then pierce the skewers / cocktail sticks from bottom up.
  3. Decorate the pancakes with gel icing tubes. Voilà!  

Hope your kids will enjoy them as much as my ones did.:)

Kat xx


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