Pink Lining Notting Hill Tote True Love Changing Bag Product Review


Who says that changing bags can’t look chic and beautiful?

Becoming a mom doesn’t mean that you have to give up all the beautiful things in life. Yes, our shopping priority will automatically switch to our baby / babies and I pretty much stopped shopping for myself when our first son was born. I was way more excited looking at baby clothes, toys and other baby gadgets at the time. My attitude changed when our second son was born. I wanted to spoil myself and was looking for a changing bag which I could use on a daily basis and not feeling and looking like a mum all time.

My options were;  1) buy a designer handbag and use it as a changing bag or 2) buy a proper changing bag?

  1. A designer handbag could work out but I would miss all the extra pockets inside which is an essential factor when going out with 2 toddlers. However, would I mind if I spill liquid or baby food in a designer handbag? The answer is YES I would so that’s not an option.
  2. Finding a changing bag that I like was more difficult than I had imagine, until I stumbled on Pink Lining on Instagram and I immediately fell in love with their products. I could totally imagining myself walking around with one of their      Notting Hill Tote Changing Bag.

I finally chose a Notting Hill Tote True Love changing bag by Pink Lining and it truly ticked all my boxes!

To all fashion conscious mummies who demand chic and sophisticated looks as well as practicality, look no more, go and check out their beautiful selection here.


 Product feature:

  1. a pared back exterior of main body fabric
  2. a zip pocket on the front to slip a mobile or cash into
  3. water resistant coated canvas in Pink Lining’s exclusively designed print.
  4. slim shoulder straps for fashion handbag worthy looks, but still practical with integrated stroller straps to clip onto the buggy in the place of a long shoulder strap.
  5. 2x removable insulated bottle holders
  6. 2x nappy pockets
  7. pen holder
  8. key fob
  9. mirror
  10. phone pocket
  11. small zip pocket
  12. padded changing mat
  13. wet zip bag






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