Product Review of Nom-Nom Kids Reusable Food Pouches

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Three years ago I was looking for reusable food pouches online but couldn’t find any so I opted for one time use food pouches instead. They were great as I could still make my own purees, but fairly costly in the longterm. However, I still preferred to make my own purees rather than buying ready made ones off the shelves. I used to call the shop bought food pouches my boy’s fast food on the go. lol 😄

When we lived in Zürich, Switzerland, (the heart of Europe) we used to travel everywhere by car, feeding a little baby was always a challenge and also meant multiple pit stops. It used to take us hours to reach our final destination! Until I’ve started to use food pouches, we no longer needed to stop to feed our boy as I could just sit next to him and fed him while hubby was driving.

It’s a perfect thing to have with when you’re out with your kids either at play dates, shopping, restaurants, a day at the park or zoo and etc or put one in your kid(s)’s kindergarten / school lunch box (es). No need to find a place to heat up the food.

What I love so much about NomNomKids food pouches is that they come in 2 sizes! I used to wish for a larger pouch and now I have them! 😊

My both boys and myself are completely in love with these NomNomKids food pouches. My little one seems to eat so much better and more with it! 😄

Toddler J said “rah rah lion” and his friends when he saw the motives on the food pouches. I thought it was so cute that he still remembers the Cebeebies children program from last year in Zurich. We used to watch it every day and now we don’t have any British channels anymore. 😟

I have been using these pouches for both toddler J and baby C for a few weeks now and we’re extremely pleased with the quality! With its double zipper side opening I haven’t had any leakage even with smoothies!👍👍👍


nomnom1         nomnom2

If you are already cooking your own puree for your babies then NomNomKids reusable food pouches are perfect for meals / snack on the go or even to feed at home.
Fill them with your own home made purees, smoothies and yogurts. As opposed to store bought, you give your kids exactly what you want them eat.

These are really perfect for weaning babies as well as nursery, pre-school and school lunch boxes. Reusable pouches are a cost effective and eco friendly way to feed your little ones fresh and healthy food.

Baby C used to eat a lot more from food pouches when he was younger than from a bowl.

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These pouches are fantastic, I especially like the large side opening as it makes it so much easier to fill and clean. Simply use a baby bottle brush and a some washing up liquid to clean.

Product Information

  • BPA Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • PVC Free
  • Freezer Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Extra large side opening – makes it easier to fill & clean
  • Double zip closure – extra strength to prevent leakage
  • Tested to comply with EU Directive 10/2011 (plastic articles intended for food contact).
  • Come in two sizes – 140 ml and 200 ml
    • Safari pouches hold up to140 ml – an ideal portion size for infants and little toddlers
    • Monster pouches have a 200 ml capacity – for pre-school age kids and older


Bonus Features

  • Cute motives & attractive for kids
  • Good size for little hands & tummy
  • The pouch itself is recyclable

The pouches are also available on ,, and many more. Click HERE to see more stockist.



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