Week 5 – Refined Sugar Alternative at #HealthyKidsCommunity on IG


We all love a sweet treat! Unfortunately refined sugar is processed, full of empty calories and lacking in nutrients.
How can we help our families cut down on refined sugar but still indulge our sweet tooth?
#Healthykidscommunity takes on this challenge with our 5th theme: #refinedsugaralternatives

This week the #hkcmamas will focus on making delicious sweet treats that are just as tasty but contain alternatives to refined sugar that are naturally derived, minimally processed and contain more nutrients and antioxidants.

Here is your line-up for this week:

Monday: Follow Maria @toddlerandtoast for Apple Peanut Bars

Tuesday: Follow Sally @sproutingyumminess for Chocolatey Coconut Bites

Wednesday: Follow Kat @katsdelicious_kitchen for German Berry Blechkuchen (a.k.a. berry pie)

Thursday: Follow Nikki @little_miss_s_ for Spiced Pumpkin bread

Friday: Follow Claudia @whatsbabyeating for Waffles with Ricotta & Homemade Date Syrup

Saturday: Follow Liza @cookingforgrey for Carob Banana Muffins with Breakfast Spreads

Sunday: We will share our favorite recipes from you, our followers. Don’t forget to tag your creations #HealthyKidsCommunity and #NourishingLittlePeople

Happy and Healthy eating!


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